Video Marketing: You Can’t Overlook The Importance Videos On Internet

Video Marketing Is Here To Stay

If you are not making videos — and I don’t care about the quality from the technical point of view — then you are being left behind. Video Marketing is fast becoming the number one marketing tool for all smart Internet marketers.

YouTube is fast becoming The Number One online search engine. It will surpass Google’s main search engine sometimes this year. But video marketing is still pretty new and you can still be on the frontline of this Internet phase… before it becomes too crowded.

Just think how many times did you watch a video online in the past week. Or how much more ready you are to click a video link in an email, then any other link. People simply love videos. It’s easier to watch then to read; it’s more entertaining and more educational. People learn better if they can watch something rather then just listen or read.

Over 50% of all online traffic is currently coming from video. And the trend is growing. Current research shows it cold be close to 90% in just a few years!

So what does this mean for you? Simply put, you don’t have a choice anymore. Actually you do… simply ignore it if you want. Or, ask yourself how important it is for you to have more traffic coming to your website. If it is important, then you don’t have a choice.

Let’s go back to my earlier statement about the quality. The quality has to be in the message, for sure. But it’s better to have a video that is not the highest technical quality then not to have one.

There are some great tools to help you with video creation, like Video Traffic Academy and Easy Video Suite.

Video Traffic Academy is for anyone who needs help not only with creating of videos but also, and this is important, how best to choose your subject and how best to market it on YouTube. The information in this course is simply great! If you don’t know how to use YouTube for your marketing needs, then this course is a must. Look into it today, you can try it here.

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