Video Marketing is the fastest-growing digital content category

Video Marketing Trend Is Here To Stay As Video Content On Internet Is Increasing Dramatically

Just browse the net for a bit and you’ll see that the video content is front and center – in blog posts, on news sites, on social networks, in mobile apps and even email marketing.

Do you have a smartphone? If yes, you have the ability to record video content and easily upload to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest…

Also, camera equipment is becoming less expensive. There are countless experts, sources, courses and websites offering all kinds of advice, lessons and courses on video creation… but how do you know who to trust, who to go with?

You Already Have Some Video Material

Maybe you already have some video footage, but it’s just sitting on your computer, doing nothing for you and you don’t know what to do with it next?

Do something with it. There are countless free easy-to-use simple editing programs. At this point speed trumps the quality. So, first get something on YouTube and as you gain confidence and experience, you will be able to improve on your work.

It’s easy to procrastinate; reasoning that “I don’t know how to…”, I know, I’ve been there.

If you read some of my posts you know I am believe in video marketing. I have talked about several video services I use. Here is my newest discovery.

It’s a brand new online course taught by social media thought leader, Mari Smith, with.

Learn from the experts — Catherine Hedden and David Gumpel of Films About Me — on this two-part online webinar. You’ll get the exact steps you need to be able to design, record and produce top quality videos. Then how and where to upload and disseminate the videos for maximum impact and reach. And, most importantly, how to actually turn your video marketing efforts into MONEY! Some video experts teach you all about the right equipment, the lighting, perhaps the fancy visual and sound effects. But where you probably get stuck is how do you ensure your video content is properly integrated into your marketing plan? Here is a sample what you will learn (for the full list click here):

  • Get clarity on why you’re doing video.
  • How to map out a series of videos.
  • How to tie your videos into your overall marketing plans.
  • How to optimize your videos.
  • Is it “worth it” to hire production help?
  • How to build a comprehensive script that your viewers will watch.
  • How will you monetize your videos?
  • Proven strategies you can implement to ensure each video you put out there ultimately connects to your bottom line profits.
  • What equipment to use.
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • Post-production tips and tricks
  • What you need to know to keep it legal with use of images and music and how to use releases.

What ever you decide, don’t hesitate to jump into video making. It’s fun and profitable!


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