Affiliate Marketing: Get Going Today Or Forget About It

Affiliate Marketing Daily Struggles?

Are you in affiliate marketing? Did you wake up this morning with a realization that another week went by without any major growth in your Internet business? How about another month of the same? Or even worse, has it been 6 months of you trying to get your business going without any real success?

Let me then ask you… what did you do for your business last week, last month, last 6 months? Doesn’t matter if you are in affiliate marketing or if you have your own product. It doesn’t make any difference. What matters is what did you do to move forward.

No matter how small is the step you take, as long as you take one. If you don’t, you don’t stay in one place, you will actually fall behind by going backwards.

Are you writing articles to publish on one of many article sites? Do you make videos for YouTube? How about Twitter? Facebook?

This website is one I started to blog about Affiliate Marketing tips and how tos. I am sharing my own work steps as well as tools and services that I use in my Internet Marketing efforts. It’s an ongoing effort. The key word being Ongoing.

One thing I have learned is that until I divided my work-day into segments of 1 hour 45 minutes I couldn’t count on progressing. Why 1 hour 45 minutes? These are 2-hour segments each with a 15 minutes break. If I can use one of the segments to do something for my Internet business, I am moving forward.

It could be a short video made from images placed into a slide presentation. It could be a short 400 words article uploaded to Ezine. It could be a short blog post. It could be reading forums and posting replies. It could be fine-tuning your website’s SEO and key words. It could be placing images into Flickr and linking them to your site. It could be learning a video marketing tool, or an SEO tool to use in your business.

Just do it! Make yourself a promise to put time into your business each day. Could be as little as 30 minutes, but do it. Need a bit of help? Then get this book for free. Don’t even need to give me your email address. Move forward one small step at a time. And let me know how you are doing.


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