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Accelerate High Business Growth Program is now closed.

It’s too late to get in this time. But subscribe (the form is on the right site of the page) and I will let you know when a new program will be opening.

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What is Accelerate High Growth Business Training

I consider Eben Pagan to be my mentor. I own many of his programs and I have been following his teachings for several years. Accelerate will be for those who are ready to take their business to the next level.

It will be a series of virtual training courses and webinars held personally by Eben. They will combining the best Eben Pagan’s information products.

Who Will Benefit from Accelerate Training by Eben Pagan

Accelerate is for entrepreneurs who want to get their business into “high growth.”  Kick it into high gear so to speak and grow their company to the $1 million level and beyond. If you own a company with employees or if you are a sole proprietorship company; it doesn’t matter which. If you are an entrepreneur with desire and attitude to succeed, then this is for you.

Who is Eben Pagan

Eben is an extremely successful business entrepreneur, author and speaker. The chances are that if you own any kind of business that needs to market its services on Internet, you know Eben’s name and his reputation.

accelerate business growth by eben pagan

But let me give you few facts and you just might learn something new. Eben has authored multiple eBooks, seminars and video courses and is widely regarded as one of the most successful and respected internet marketers in the world.

Eben teaches through a mix of video training, live webinars, written guides, 1-to-1 coaching and seminars. His business empire and consequent success is based on his ability to find and create valuable products that are in high demand. Each product was created based on feedback he received from the market telling him what they wanted. This formula has served Eben well, as well as his likeable nature and ability to teach other people in an easy to understand, step by step, way.

eben pagan master guru class

Eben started his business working from his bedroom computer 12 years ago. He was working online from home, without any computer degrees or college degrees. He was unemployed, and started with just one ebook on dating advice that he wrote in two weeks. Now he has 10 successful brands that generate online business in millions of dollars in sales each year.

As a matter of fact, if you include Eben’s supper successful Double Your Dating program he launched over 12 years ago, his online business generated close to $100 million in sales!

Eben had the privilege to speak at one of Tony Robbins’ and Richard Branson’s events about entrepreneurship. They both recognized his talent, his skills and his business integrity. As far as I am concerned, when Eben speaks, I want to listen to every word he has to say.

So what’s his secret? I think it’s pretty simple. He creates high quality info products and training, stuff that people find really valuable. What’s more important, he does it with high integrity that is not always present with others who are promoting their services as Internet Gurus.

Eben teachings include Online Relationship Marketing. He has an amazing ability to understand the business principles; and knows how to make them simpler to understand. He is a gifted teacher and mentor. As he points out, most of us start in the business with the mindset and expectation that getting a customer about getting a sale.

Eben’s past courses include

  • Get Altitude
  • Wake Up Productive
  • Guru Masterclass
  • Ignition
  • Double Your Dating (under pen name David DeAngelo)
  • Guru Blueprint
  • Print Persuasion Masterclass
  • Make Money As A Modern Day Guru
  • Self-Made Wealth (2010)

You too can be a successful Internet marketer

Use Eben’s expertise and learn to identify niche opportunities where there’s a big need and then creating information products people want to buy. That’s what his business is all about: helping you take advantage of an industry that generates over $400 billion a year in worldwide sales.


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