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37 Websites Analyzed (+3 marketing keys demonstrated)

In this new video, Eben Pagan “slashes” through 37 websites – and shows the biggest mistakes that almost EVERYONE is making – just opt-in here to get it (warning, put on your thick skin, as he is brutally honest and direct)

This video is really a complete lesson in increasing conversion, and includes:

>A explanation of what marketing is, including the two major “schools” of marketing (hint: one of these approaches is almost a complete waste of money, and it’s the one that almost everyone uses)

>The three questions that you must answer for your customer within the first 3 seconds that they are on your website – or they are GONE

>Why you’re not competing with who you think you are anymore – and how the “big guns” are using this knowledge to grab attention and turn it into sales and income

>The two most persuasive “stealth” marketing campaigns in history – and how you can use their common secret to put customers in a “buying” mindset before you even make an offer

::: Spot The Mistake, Win A MacBook Pro :::

Eben is being tricky, and he put a “hidden mistake” in this video. If you can spot it, and send him an email, you can win a brand new MacBook Pro. Anyone can win, so go watch this video now – and then email him if you can spot the mistake (just opt-in to see it free):

37 Websites Analyzed [Linked with your link]

Again: This information will show you IMMEDIATELY how to improve your website. It’s worth watching right now.


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